Bag Filter

  • Bags fabricated to specification from selected needle felts and woven fabrics.
  • Vast range of available felts in various weights and surface treatments, combined with local state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, allow us to offer you the best solution for your individual application.
  • Filter bags to suit most models and types of dust collectors - Reverse Air Bag houses, Mechanical Shakers, Pulse-Jet or Reverse Pulse-Jet.


Media Temperature Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Hydrolysis Resistance Applications
Polyester Cont: 140° C
Peak: 150° C
Good Fair Fair Cement, Iron & Steel, Pigments, Shot Blasting, Powder Coating, Asbestos, Wood, Plastics, Rock Crushing etc
Polypropylene Cont: 90° C
Peak: 100° C
Excellent Excellent Excellent Detergents, Fodder, Milk Powder, Fertilizers, Sugar, Flour, Chemical Industry
Acrylic (Homopolymer) Cont: 130° C
Peak: 140° C
Good Good Excellent Aphalt Mixing, Gypsum, Spray Dryers, Cement, Lime, paint
Mixed Felt Cont: 140° C
Peak: 150° C
Good Fair Good Aphalt Mixing, Gypsum, Spray Dryers, Cement, Lime, paint
PPS Polyphenylsulphide(Ryton) Cont: 180° C
Peak: 190° C
Excellent Excellent Excellent Coal Fired boilers, Chemical Industry, Gypsum
Aramid (Nomex) Cont: 200° C
Peak: 220° C
Fair Good Fair Iron Smelters, Ashpalt Mixing Plants, Wood Fired Boilers, Ceramics, Lime
Polyimide P84 Cont: 250° C
Peak: 260° C
Good Fair Fair Waste Incinerators, Cement Kilns, Chemical Industry, Coal Fired Boilers
Polytetrafluorethylene PTFE (Teflon) Cont: 260° C
Peak: 280° C
Excellent Excellent Excellent Coal & Oil Fired Boilers, Calciners, Incinerators, Smelters
Woven Glass Fibre Cont: 260° C
Peak: 290° C
Good Fair Fair Coal & Oil Fired Boilers, Cement Kilns, Incinerators, Ceramics etc.
  • Coatings Available : Oil & Water Repellent Coating/PTFE Membrane Lamination / Antistatic Coating
  • Bag Designs : Snap Band/Felt Snap Band/Collar/Ring/Cassette Type/Custom Designs